This tough old woman with diabetes not so tough now

I take 50 mgs of losartan
My husband, and my brother in law take it and they do not have diabetes. My mother and father took blood pressure meds and they did not have diabetes. I see no reason to equate blood pressure with diabetes. I have no neuropathies. If there is no reason that can be found for my anemia then I will rethink that. I don’t have the energy to think about it now, but will go back to your post if I need to rethink this. Thank-you for posting the information.

Well, I have no reason to think that I suddenly have heart failure. A few months ago I was riding 10 miles a day. For a 68 yr old that is fairly decent.

I think my issue is low Free T4. My doctor is raising my T4 medication and I will soon know if

that helps. My recent lack of energy has also been caused by a stubborn infection. The lack of sodium has depleted what energy I had.

I had a normal EKG on Tuesday. I eat a low fat, organic plant based diet, and I am not overweight. I will have a stress test a week from Monday. I have had a non diabetic A1c for the last 20 yrs.

I could be wrong about everything, but I won’t admit it until I am proven wrong. :grin:I haven’t worked this hard for this long to have heart failure. I am scared to death that I am wrong. My husband and I have fought every damn thing that has tried to knock us down in the last 9 yrs and I won’t go down easily.

Now about Jeff Bezos. I have no idea whether he is a democrat or a republican. What I object to is how poorly he treats his employees and the fact that he supposedly doesn’t pay income taxes. At least his ex wife is going to give billions to charity. I also don’t like the amount of waste Amazon generates.

Not that I am opinionated about anything. :crazy_face:


Maybe I missed it, but I have a friend who was anemic and it’s due to celiac. Have you been checked? I’m not an Amazon fan either, a portion of his employees qualify for food stamps, that’s our tax dollars subsidizing him. Amazon has not paid taxes, that’s on our members of Congress, but still a minus with me.


No I have never checked, since I don’t eat gluten. Am I being too simplistic?

Probably not. You eat a plant based diet, right? Some salad dressings contain gluten. No "sneaky gluten " as my friend calls it.

I don’t use salad dressing. I am boringly clean.

I am glad to hear the EKG was normal!!! That’s great news!!!

You have been having hypoglycemia, low sodium, low T4. You are on losartan which can rarely cause hyponatremia (and 16 lots of which have been voluntarily recalled, as you probably know). You had feet neuropathy which you said was caused by the chol medications, since stopped, not damage from diabetes. You have 10 year old stents but no HF. You also have anemia. Not mentioned are any levels (sodium, red blood, free T4) but that’s ok. Have you thought about talking to your doctor about pituitary function?

As far as you know, you don’t have Celiac disease, and at any rate you’re not consuming gluten (so, no soy sauce, no bread, no beer, no chocolate which much of the time contains wheat?).

There is a definite linkage between diabetes and hypertension. Especially damaged blood vessels from uncontrolled diabetes. (And this is neither here nor there, but there is also a lot of work being done now about how sugar not salt may be more to blame for htn.) But I understand your diabetes is well-controlled.

I completely agree about Bezos. Good luck with everything, you are a definite fighter which helps.

I’m sorry you’re going through all this Marilyn! I hope you figure out the culprit soon.

The last post made me think of my younger sister. She has 3 autoimmune diseases: type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, and Addison’s disease.

One of the symptoms of low adrenal function is unexplainable low bg values. The pituitary and adrenal gland work hand in hand. It does seem like a good idea to have both checked out if you haven’t already.

Her primary symptoms were low energy (very low) and unexplainable low bg levels… As time wore on she had a very hard time thinking through things- kind of like she was in a fog.

It took the doctors a long time to diagnose her. I’d suggest ruling that out now because of your recent severe lows.


I’m so sorry, Marilyn. This is so much. I’ll be thinking of you.

Can the Doc be more specific than ‘heart failure?’ That’s not very specific.
Are you getting swelling in your ankles?


I found that out when I saw the cardiologist and he acted like that was no big deal and that it didn’t tell him anything.

This morning I woke up with much less need for insulin, no infection, and more energy from drinking salted water.

Right now, I am much less worried!! Have to see how the day progresses.


Hi Senator,I seemed to have kicked the nasty infection and woke up with more energy and much less need for insulin. I turned the corner yesterday. The salted water helps. Usually my sodium levels are ok, although once about two yrs ago they dropped.

I was being stubborn about the link between blood pressure and diabetes. Many, many people who aren’t diabetics take blood pressure pills. In my 60 yrs of having diabetes I have heard about everything under the sun being linked to diabetes and that hasn’t been true for me.

Yes, my diabetes has been very well controlled for almost 40 yrs. Urine testing was never accurate for me. I started getting retinopathy at the end of 22 yrs of urine testing, had my first A1c, got my first huge home blood monitor and quickly reduced my A1c to a healthy level. My eye doctors still see no trace of retinopathy. I have had retina specialists not be able to tell I am a diabetic by looking at my eyes. In fact that was just a few months ago.

Once in a blue moon, I have a bit of beer, no soy sauce, I eat bread maybe two times a year, but I have a bit of cocoa in garbanzo bean cookies that my husband makes me, almost every day.

Ahhh pituitary function. In the past although I had symptoms of adrenal disfunction. I worked with a doctor who said that mine seemed to be working ok. It turned out to be chronic fatigue which I have overcome and is another story,

I am happy to you share my blood levels. Are you a doctor?


Hi Katers, thanks for telling me about your younger sister. I am fortunate not to have Hashimoto’s just regular old high blood pressure, and my adrenals have been thoroughly checked out although that was 3 yrs ago.

I know exactly what caused my two extremely low blood sugar episodes. They were both stupid and entirely my fault. What was unknown to me is that I had a very nasty yeast infection which hadn’t yet caused me any pain. My normally very well contained blood sugars started going high. I woke up in the morning, gave myself insulin and went back to bed. My blood sugar dropped and when I got up I was way. too low.
Hopefully my newly ordered CGM will warn me if I ever start to go this low again.

In 60 yrs of living with this disease, I have only needed help with a low a handful of times. This is no time to start needing help!


Hi Mohe, I saw the cardiologist so that I could get a clearance for a colonoscopy. Once he heard that I had had two stents placed 9 yrs ago, am a diabetic and that I am fatigued his mind was made up,

I tried to explain that my FT4 is low, and that I had a bad infection, but he said that my high LDL 126, my past history and fatigue meant that I was probably going to have a heart attack.

When I first needed stents, a few days after burying my mom, I had no symptoms whatsoever so I really can’t blame the doctor. I was starting on a hike with my family and suddenly I was terribly tired and my arms were heavy. I told my husband to take me to emergency.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty darn normal. I will be astonished if there is a problem with my heart. :heart:

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This sounds like my diary for the past six months. I went through every conceivable test-incl an angiogram without stent and full pulmonary test. I have always been an active person and in a short period of time, became very exhausted and unable to get through the day without a nap. Yesterday, I had a dual chamber pacemaker installed and I feel like a new person! I’m not saying this is what you need. I’m just saying don’t let docs invalidate you. If you are feeling like you are not being heard, get another opinion.

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I have a long history with doctors. With 60 yrs of type 1 to start with. During the

past 9 yrs my husband and I had 5 cancers, 2 of them life threatening, and I had stents placed, and 5 yrs of chronic fatigue. Not to mention a son with severe Tourette’s syndrome with coprolalia and early onset bipolar disorder.

I can be an extremely vocal person and I don’t take any nonsense from professionals. I also know when I have found someone who is outstanding in their field even if I have had to travel from one side of the country to the other. They earn my deepest respect and gratitude.

I am so happy to hear that you stood up for yourself and got the help that you needed. It is wonderful that you are feeling so much better! You give me hope.

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I think you’re still strong and smart, too for sharing the load, Marilyn.

You’re coming to terms with some potentially distressing news. I’ve been there and imagine that most of us reading have too.

Don’t worry about the colonoscopy, I’ve been having them since I was a teenager and at my hospital in Toronto the new technology is so much better than it was 10 years ago. it’s only mildly uncomfortable, although the stuff they make you drink is no cup of tea. :roll_eyes:

Congratulations on doing well with every thing but LDL. But I don’t like your doctor’s attitude. It seems to me that most doctor’s are reluctant to predict much about the future because they’ve learned through trial and error that human bodies are unique and unpredictable. We’ve all heard stories about people who’ve survived doctors who told them they’d die of their cancer within a few months and managed to still be going strong 20 years later.

So next time your cardiologist delivers doom from on high ask him for the specific research he’s citing. What percentage of patients with elevated LDL only have heart attacks? Over what time period? What percentage of those die from it? Then ask for the names of research papers so you can find and read them yourself when you’re ready.
And if the research happens to be pharma-funded, that will be important info too.

The fish oil sounds like he wants to help and you can read up on the injectable cholesterol medication and also the tiredness, which I’m glad you mentioned because I’m due for my next cardiologist appointment.

I expect we’re roughly close in age and tiredness seems to be one of those things that inexplicably coming and going occasionally over the last 10 years as I move beyond menopause into my official senior years.

And sometimes tiredness is just not getting enough sleep. :pensive:

So keep on doing the right things, remember your doctors are probably doing their best but they don’t know everything and please don’t give up.

That would not only set bad example for the rest of us it wouldn’t help you move forward.

Kind wishes for a happy life and especially a better day tomorrow :relaxed:



Hi Brenda, thanks for reaching out. I seem to be over the infection, and I also have more energy today from the salt. It also helped to share everything I am going through here. I am not as downhearted today. I am back to thinking that my heart is fine. I usually take bad news very badly, but after a few days I rise to the occasion. I am a fighter.

I didn’t have a bad experience with the first colonoscopy I had, I just wanted to save myself the trouble. Even my excellent surgeon told me that soon he will only be doing colonoscopies for people who have positive results from the Cologuard tests. They are the up and coming way to go.

I quizzed my cardiologist the first time I saw him last November. When I informed him that I had had my LDL particles broken down and that very few were small and dense he dismissed it. Once he found out that I had stents from 9 yrs ago, had high LDL, and was a type 1, all my questions went out the window. He would tell me that statistics would back him up and I am sure that the statistics that he looks at do.

I read the very popular book written about the fallacy of cholesterol being a problem back when I was eating very few carbs and my LDL level was climbing quite high. I have also read the criticisms of that book by the same cardiologists who were quoted. They said that the author misquoted them. I don’t know who to believe now. The author seemed very intelligent, but if he changes facts to suit his ideas, then in my book he can’t be trusted.

For now I just have to have another stress test which I think will turn out fine.

I wonder about the fish oil he prescribed. I already was taking a smaller amount. I don’t understand why he prescribed it since my HDL is fine and my trigs are low. The literature that came with the bottle says nothing about reducing LDL. I will ask him when I see him next week. I would rather not take an excessive amount of anything when it is not doing the work to solve a problem.

Yes, my husband and I definitely are slowing down. So far most of our retirement years have been spent solving major health problems. This is getting old, but still hoping for some glorious years. At least we are still quite happy when not worried.

Take care Brenda. Many good years for you too.


Is that test able to detect polyps?

It is my understanding that the Cologuard test will show anything that could show blood including from noncancerous polyps. It will show positive DNA for precancerous cells if I understand this correctly. That is one of the reason there are so many positives. The surgeon thinks that a positive result means only a 2% chance of colon cancer.

When he told me this he didn’t know about my falling red blood cell count etc.
In the next couple of years the Cologuard test will become more perfected.

I have autonomic neuropathy of the heart (and others) with a resting heart rate of 95-120 since my early 20s.