This was a good D day

Slept in. Still not well, but not as bad as I was. No headache today–a big plus.

Oatmeal Scram egg and grapefruit for breakfast–oatmeal always makes me need extra insulin–gotta love it…1.t times normal–just for the oatmeal carbs. light lunch,meat n cheese, chinese for dinner…and not over 170 for the day–yippeee!!!

will have a snack later will meds after some sewing…be glad to get fully over this sickee thing–don’t like being a sickee!

but all is good now cause I am going off to sew…

Rejoicing for your good day & that you’re feeling better!

Wooo hooo, good days are great, and it feels good to share them too
OOh what are you sewing? I am currently in the middle of 2 projects crocheting and knitting, I am not too fab with a sewing machine but I am getting there.
Lou x

I am working on a shopping cart seat cover for my grandaughter–should be done later today…will post a pic when done.

I am also working on knitting a prayer shawl for the pastor of our church–trying to get it doen by thurs…we’ll see. Only work on it while watching tv with the hubby.