'Those' days

Having one of ‘this’d’ days today. You knowing ones. When you just don’t want to do this anymore. When you are sick of constantly thinking, constantly checking, constantly worrying, never allowed a break. I wish I could just push pause and take a break. Not have to think or worry or calculate or measure or count or time or anything. I know it is just a dream but when I have a day like this I just want to not have diabetes - even for just one day or a few hours. Sigh. Tomorrow will be a new day. I am just so glad to not be alone - I know you mist all know this feeling and that helps. Thanks for being out there!

Wow sorry about all the typos! Typing on my iPhone.

We can all relate. There have been a few times that I’ll premeasure a day’s worth of meals and write the carbs on the containers. It’s small, but not having to do THAT ONE THING seemed like a very small break. It’s nice for one day not to have to do the mental gymnastics before each meal.

I’ve also asked my husband to always be the one to make sure there is juice on board anytime we crawl in his vehicle. He hasn’t let me down yet and it is nice to have JUST ONE THING that can always be delegated to someone else.

There are sooooooooooo very many minute, tiny little details that we have to think about, worry about, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! The things I have tried seem so small…and I’ve been surprised they have made much difference, but they have. Good Luck!! .