Thoughts From A Diabetic's Heart

It’s been four months now that I have been living with this disease. I have finally accepted the fact that, though diabetes is incurable for now, I can live with it. I have reconciled it in my heart that I would need to purchase medications until the day I die; learn to eat in moderation (or else…);, and be more watchful over my health altogether.

Friends and family with be there to lend a hand, but what keeps me in one piece is faith, and this I saw in one of my basic necessities–my glucometer.

At first, I used to wince in (imaginary) pain whenever the lancet pokes my fingers–for that little drop of blood. When it makes contact with the strip, which is then measured by the device, it tells me that I am ok, ok for another day.

Then, the thoughts of the Cross pass by me…

Every prick of the lancet says that I am fine for now. But the nail-pierced Hands said “Today you will be with Me in Paradise ( Luke 23:43).” And that is forever. The wounds of my fingers soon heal, but “by His stripes, we are healed. (Isaiah 53:3)” The test strip, now stained with blood, is now put away. But the Son of Man that has been put away at the cross, has done it once and for all…

I wish to see my blood sugars stay below 110. But then again, i could just imagine that God could show something else…

Like a reading of “333” could mean that I should pray every now and then, so I should see great thing from Him (Jeremiah 33:3). Or a "231 could tell me that I should not worry where will I get money to buy my medications and my strips (Psalm 23:1). Lastly, a whopping “2820” would say that no matter how far in the future I and mankind shall be plagued by the big “D”, He will always be with me, seeing me through it to the end (Matthew 28:20).

Well, glucometers were not really meant to send heavenly messages, at least on a regular basis. But living with diabetes one day at a time is a testimony that He saw you through one more day…one more day…

(Feel free to listen to the song, download it if you may…)

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Yes my very dear friend,it is faith that keeps us going.Some think that there are different gods for us,but it is Him,the only God there that unites our souls in loving him,knowing what life is all about.Bless you for your faith.

I love this post. Thank you for putting things into perspective.

awesome post. thanks for sharing =)

That’s right, debb! Give God what you have, and He will multiply that little that you have.