Three down, 2 more to go

Halfway to weekend again! Still hanging in there… And still no answers… I’ll call the clinic on friday if I haven’t heard anything before then…
Managing work. Even though I just feel like sleeping from time to time, especially in the afternoons. Today has been decent enough. But I had as little carbs as possible at lunch so maybe that played a part to. Don’t know. Coffee keeps me awake too. The last few days I’ve been coffee dependant at work LOL Coffee with sweeteners and creamer… Totally just artificial stuff into the coffee, but hey, at least it is coffee, tastes like coffee and works like coffee!

Just got out of the shower now. And I really hope my hair will dry fast today! It’s nearly 8.30pm here, and I’d like to sleep early today. Hope my hair will be dry around 10pm. And no, I don’t use a hairdryer! Never use hairdryer if I can avoid it :stuck_out_tongue: