Three skull fractures

Was not sure if I was gonna share my tale, but then I decided to, because I found something worse than D.

I went ice skating with my nieces last weekend, and I am 53, and had not skated in decades, but I use to be good at it.

Well I started out scared and shakey, but started to be skating okay. They cleared the ice, I changed the size of my skates, tested my bgs at 93 and had a small candy bar and some regular pop, and resumed skating. I was doing way better with the new size skates, and my BIL was showing off his great skating skills and my nieces were way into their friends and could care less that Auntie Karen was skating. Well bam I went down, but I don't remember a thing, but don't think I fell due to skating, I think I passed out and landed on my head.

Don't remember anything but I was taken to ER with a cervical collar and throwing up everywhere. They did a CT at the ER and found the two fractures was transferred to another hospital because the neurosurgeon that was on call only treats at one hospital. Ended up in ICU, had to be catherized and on all sorts of monitors, had another CT the next morning and it had improved, but neurosurgeon saw blood in my ear and another fracture. I threw up for days, bloodsugar soaring and have be soaring for over a week because md put me on steroids, even though I refused he said to get rid of knife like headaches I had to take them.

Today saw him again and he did not even touch me or look in my ear, but stated he knows I am on the mend and may need ear surgery as the pressure is awful, but still a lot of blood to be absorbed by body. Went to my PCP and complained about neurosurgeon and she stated they are all the same, grrrrr. Well I am taking another week off work, because I am still very unsteady and using a walker, but TODAY, I finally feel a tiny bit better, and never thought I could find a worse diagnosis than diabetes.

Return to work next week and in 4 weeks my MD is going to do tests on my heart to make sure it is running okay and not skipping beats or blockage causing fainting versus a bad skate.

And a week of over 200 bgs is the worst ever, I will try never to complain again when bgs are over 200 for 2 hours.

Thanks for listening.


Holy crap! I was wondering where you were! I hope you recover soon. I will be careful when I do crazy stuff for a while! Get well soon!

Bloody hell!

Just placed that order for a bike helmet I have been putting off buying.. Hope you recover soon and that things start looking up. Must have been horrible..

My goodness, Karen, glad you are on the mend. Keep safe!

I'm sorry to hear that.Gosh ice skating is dangerous. First time my daughter went skating, it was 7 stitches. I hope you mend quickly.

So sorry to hear about your accident and hope you mend rapidly. This must be the season for accidents. Saturday evening I was doing laundry, did not bother with the laundry basket, and was in the process of lugging my clothes up from the basement. Made it to the top stair and went straight back and back down to the basement. This included one impressive somersault. By the way, I am 62. I am amazed I did not knock myself out, break any bones, or knock my teeth out. I live alone; so this is sort of a wake-up call. I will be much more careful from now on. After patching myself up I realized my glasses were missing; took me forever to find them. They were in the basement, in the cat's litter box.


Prayers for your recovery Karen.. The bg's will come down.. steroids will raise them; but after they are out of your system the HI blood sugars will abate. May need to up your basal insulin , and watch to avoid too many lows. tHope you are feeling better today.

God Bless

Still feel very unsteady and exhausted, but bgs are back in a good range. I am gonna try to go to my parents home today and hopefully work tomorrow, but I just don't feel normal any more and ear pressure is awful.

Fingers crossed.

Yeah Ice and Skates can be a dangerous situation. Good to see your in one piece. Worse then Diabetes.... Not a chance! Fractures can heal. Diabetes can't.

Sorry to here about your misshap. Hope you have a full recovery and are back to normal soon.

Skull fractures are *extremely* dangerous. Head injuries are wild cards and can lead to complications and permanency that can turn out, in fact, a lot worse than diabetes. Like instant Alzheimer's. I'm *very* glad that Karen is typing away!

I went to the ear surgeon Monday and he was an excellent doctor. He spent a ton of time with me. I had a hearing test and lost some hearing in right ear, but the blood is gone. He actually looked in my eyes, ears, nose and throat and he felt my neck as I swallowed. He looked at my CT scans and read all my medical that I brought in. He gave me a little book about dizziness and then he proceeded to make me get dizzy and keep my eyes open and I screamed, but he could tell by my eye movement that things were not right and manipulated my head to put ear particles that everyone has back to where they belong, very voodoo. I am a bit better and go again next week for another dizzy adventure. I still am soooo exhausted, but now I have hope.

So glad you're OK! Here's hoping you have a full recovery.

Hi Karen,

Sorry for your ordeal! Thanks for posting it to remind us all to be careful!

Sending you healing thoughts!


Started my PT, vestibular rehab today, and man I am seriously still very unsteady, should of started a month ago when I got the RX.

Fingers crossed that this will bring me back to some sort of normalcy.