Three turtle doves

Why does blood taste so sweet

Why do needles hurt so much

Why is everyone in such a rush

Why my wife make such a fuss

Why is the Sun so very bright

Why the moon come out at night

Why do doctors tell this and that

Why oh why am I so fat

Why so many pills to take

Why no smile upon my face

Why do butterflies flutter by

Why do I get grit in my eye

Why is my cat looking at me

Why or what does she see

Why are my blood sugars to high

Why has life just passed me by

Why oh why can't I be 10 again

Why pray tell me if you can

Why was a born a man

Why is my brain in fast gear

Why is it life I only fear

Why diabetes heart desease

Why not six fingers or six toes

Why not even a big big nose

Why I have made such a fuss

Why are my sugars up and down

Why is it up why is it down

Why can't it be stable

Why is that too much to ask

Why me not him or why not her

Why me what have I done

Why can't I be free of pain

Why I really cannot explain

Why do I sit why do I cry

Why is there Earh Sea or Sky

Why oh why oh why


The anti depression pills seem to have opened a pandoras box in my brain,mind you when I was young I was creative inventive and a day dreamer,ok I can hear you say rubbish and where are the three turtle doves keep looking