Thriving with type one diabetes?

Hi Ian,
Ok the obessive control was a pendulum swing from being totally out of control. A very long story and 2 near death expereinces that I'll save you the boredom of listening to (or reading in this case). Anyway as with anything you calm down after a while and find a happy middle ground. I didn't feel like I was on the edge with my crazy obsessive control - I was literally trying to save my life and learn what I needed to in order to live. Now I test 6-10 times a day (even more when I was training).

As for the marathons don't "Hope" just start training. Anyone can do a marathon, it takes training and planning and just deciding to do it. Start with 5km races, then do 10km, start training for a half marathon and then move to a full marathon of 26.1m or 42.2KM :) I am so proud of my medals - my race "bling".

Acidrock23 - I've stopped training and started renovating my house. It was a wonderful time in my life, made great friends and learned I can do ANYTHING. I will race again, but right now we are busy with the house and the puppy. :)

Ian, ask me anything. I've had it long enough to have been through it all. I also, like many other long timers, remember the old days - when testers weren't like they are now and we lived on 1 needle a day - then 2. Diabetics now wouldn't understand and the food choices we have now are so much better. In the 80s there wasn't much sugar free stuff for a kid to eat.

Trust me when I say you can do and go anywhere. You don't need to prove it to others that you can with your condition - you need to prove it to yourself. Ask me anything - any time. :)

You where diagnosed at a similar age that me, Its encouraging to see that you are still very active

WOW, amazing story of how you can get back on the horse, so to speak, and turn you life around like that. Very inspiring. Its very reassuring to know that i have somebody with this much experience i can talk to.

I had the same feeling of not wanting to see my numbers a way back. Now im trying to do the oposite and be very open about my numbers, its funny but its distancing myself emotionally from the numbers, but still encourages me to stay on top of things. These are my last few weeks graphed

I just ordered the book, thanks for the advice!

I just subscribed to it in google reader. Thanks!

Hearing about the success stories is exactly what im looking for. And becoming a father 11 months ago, is definitely the reason behind this.

It helped a lot :)