I started using tresiba (21 units) on May 3,2018. O may 31 I had bloodwork done and my platelets were 115 down from normal 210. I went to Mayo Clinic and did a battery of tests including bone marrow and a spleen scan and lots of blood scans. Good news, no cancer found. Just had my 6 month endo visit (ao1c 6.1) and platelets have dropped to 41. We researched drugs and supplements that I use and tresiba fits the time frame. Has anyone in this group had a similar experience. I am going back to the hemotologist in January. Just trying to figure out why my platelets continue to drop

Maybe easiest thing is to replace Tresiba with Lantus, and see if things improve. 41 is very low.

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My sister has thrombocytopenia. She ended up having her spleen removed after all other efforts failed. She’s doing much better now with monthly infusions of rituximab.

Skipster - Have you recently / ever had chemotherapy?

I’ve suffered from low platelets ever since I was on cyclophosphamide in the early 90’s. It’s chronic now as my body simply won’t produce them.

It’s a challenge every time I have IV infusions or even test my blood glucose. Unless you’re careful you’ll exsanguinate

No I have not,sorry to hear what you are dealing with. I am hoping to figure out if diabetes meds could be causing my platelets to drop

I used lantus for 4years. Seeing my hemotologist at mayo jan 10 and will offer this option. Thankyou

Yes, after research on internet my endo and I decided to switch back to lantus.
Keeping my fingers crossed

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