Throw away your logbook, now!

Happy to announce that our trial with kids is showing that our group with the ‘magic report’ have reduced A1c by over 0.6 compared to the control group. They do practically nothing but receive our report and then look at it about once a week. This frequent thoughtful review, which takes all of about a minute, appears to be the reason behind this significant improvement in blood sugar control.

Compared to everything else I know this method of review is generating far superior outcomes vs CGM, pump, etc… Easy is better because it makes it possible for you to do what you know you should: look for trends frequently. And when you do this weekly, you can recall all of that other stuff behind the numbers. Pretty cool.

Just in case anyone cares about better control with less work :wink:

What is tthis “magic report”??

David Mendosa did a review of the report and how it is presented to one or more users in his column at