Thursday and all that

Another chilly morning but wet with it, rained during the night so everywhere damp not many birds singing to be honest about not much to sing about yet, nurse issued two lots od antibiotics yesterday for my big toe so this morning I haver 12 tablets to swallow . Wokw up at 5.30am listened to radio 4 like the farming programme let the cat out not for long she took 10 steps found it was wet underfoot and scarpered back into the house ran upstairs to clean her paws tough being a moggy.

Mde the wife a cup of tea and woke her up at 6.45 so she did not have to rush to get ready for work at 7.30am I was still calling her to get up she finally wondered downstairs at 7.40am in a cranky mood women I will never understand them.

Considering we have been married for 42 years you would think we would have some mental link but when it comes to getting up in a morning my wife would rather stay in sleeeeepppppy wonder land.

Checked my emails 40 spam where do they all come from is there a spam section flying through the airwaves looking for folks who need dpouble glazing, medicine, holidays, I like doing competitions so perhaps that is where they get my information from.

The photo is my cat having a good look outside she is sleeping now all that rain and cold made her very sleepy