Thursday moan and groan

This is where our wollies use to be smack in the centre of shopping in Telford Town Centre still empty still missed, ok it sold a lot of crap but I grew up with wollies so did my family, no room for sentimentality in this profit grabbing world we have built for ourselves no good blaming the bankers we use the banks and vote in the government well some of us do so no one else to blame but ourselves.

We need to stop the world and get off it for a while take a goood look at what we really want scream and shout until we get it, no need for poverty in this world today no need for hunger we throw away millions of tons of food that would feed a good part of the under nurished world we pollute our environment go to work one in a car shop till we drop to what ends.

Do we really need technology that makes us slaves to the mobile phone the tv where will it all end it is not me I am worried about but my grand kids what sort of world are we creating for them.

Turning our room stats down 1 degree does it really help, insulate every home in Britain provide solar heating and wind power generators cheap generate more enery ourselves in the homeand use less from the grid costly I know get everone with a garden to grow some food themselves instead of shipping it thousands of miles solutions hitting us on the head if we only took the time to stop and think then act.