Thyroid hormone taken at night

I just recently seen my diabetes doctor who requested that I take my thyroid hormone at night b-for bed as my levels where a little low.I take my pill usually before breakfast with my vitamins and have been doing that for a long time.Just 2 days of taking it at bedtime I noticed my bloodsugar control is not where it was before I started doing this.All my settings seem to be off.I have read on several sites that too much hormone can affect bloodsugar control as the thyroid pill is now working better.I am going to take one every other night instead and see if that fixes the problem.Comments?

I have been on Levothyroxine for the last 20 years.My vitamin and calcium magnesium is affecting the absorption.When I saw my doctor he was going to increase it until I told him that I take it with all my meds in the morning.I think I am getting too much hormone because of the increase of my bloodsugars.

Today was a good day.I had skipped lunch to see what my sugar was doing.I can't really call it abasal test as I had some insulin on, board.It didn't fluctuate as much.My doctor said that my vitamins were affecting the absorption of my hormone.It was a litte on low side.He was going to give me a higher dose until he found out when I was taking my hormone