Tick bite now positive for exposure to Erlichia


That is good that helped you. I dint think that will help me though and it can cause bad low bg.


Ive never heard that or read it. I’d be interested in any articles you can send my way. Thanks.


So sorry to hear you contracted the disease. I’m paranoid about ticks. I rescued a dog that kept having ticks for about the first 4 months no matter what I did to abate them with medication and spraying the area. No one I spoke to that had a dog, or the vet, or the folks at Petco had seen an outbreak of ticks in our area (San Jose). My wife and I would feel a tick crawl on us while sleeping, so we had to stop letting the dog on the bed. Creepy, creepy feeling to have a tick crawling over you. Finally, after months of applying Advantix II, no more ticks on our doggie and she’s doing just fine (she was rescued as a stray and had quite a few ticks on her that I expected would be all gone with a few good washings and inspections by me). Again, so sorry to hear you are having such health problems.


Thanks Dave. I am going to an idf soon ,wonder what they will recommend. I cannot take the rec antibiotic so I’m not sure if I’m going to need treatment or not I took zithromax for a week maybe that just took care of it.


Just google it or read here. Someone said she had a bad low while high that took 80g or more to stop.