Tick Tock Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is true you know cat's do have magical healing powers otherwise why would mother nature give them the ability to help folks who are ill, take for instance myself a strong strapping lad of 60 who was busy painting a ceiling one morning singing as I went on my way until I had a pain in my arm then my chest then a massive heart attack.

The cat smudge had been purring and meowing for a while making circles around the step ladders I was using at the time, she could not be hungry for she had had a nice breakfast of tuna and she did not want to go outside I know when she wans to go outside she sits by the back door scratching away.

Did she sense my heart attack and was trying to tell me to come down and take it easy who knows all I can say with my hand on my heart is that the pain was nothing like i had experienced before I thought my chest would burst open I could not physically move for a while but managed to knock the phone of its stand and phone the wife, all the time I was in pain the cat never left myside her purring I am sure helped me at the time.

I truly believe animals are much closer to nature a gift we had in the beginning but have long lost well some of us anyway, I like many others took the planet for granted in hte end we are just another organism inhabiting this wonderful world and the time we have as a species is not governed by what we do but for as long as nature permits it.

Most mornings smudge will tip toe into our bedroom jump on the bed sit on my tummy and purr away putting out her paw to touch my face as if to say come on time to wake up, I look forward to her attention and often remember her sweet soothing purring as I lay helpless on the floor that morning.

Glad you made it through the incident. I’ve always found that holding a purring cat is very soothing at the end of a long day and just boosts my mood.

I also have a great cat(kitten) Mittens. Have photos on my page check it out if you want to see a six-toed cat, so cute!!! Glad you’re still with us Raymond.

My cat Meat Loaf would always stay by me anytime i was sick, he would only leave to use the littlebox and then back laying beside me till i was well.

Meat Loaf died August 28, 2009 of kidney failure and for the last 7 weeks of his life i returned the l,ove and devotion that he had always shown me and gave his daily iv treatment to make his passing easier and let him go on his own.

My avatar is Meat Loaf’s actural pawprint that i had tattooed on my left forearm so he will always be with me in my heart and in my mind and on my arm.

Cats are great they are full of love and Meat Loaf was so full of love.

Sweet Blood