Time for a little confession

Time for a little confession.
I wish I could sell off my extra supplies and get the stuff that I can't get with my HMO. :-/

I wish I could get the actual amount of strips... I'm totally screwed up. My sugar goes into periods that are just terrible!
My insulin to crab and correction change and I need to keep changing my basal. I have these terrible "sick" weeks. Throwing up, generally feeling like ■■■■ - and more. So that has a direct affect on my sugar levels. And the only way for my to re-assure myself even just a little - is checking my sugar. 12- 14 time a day. I really don't mind pricking my finer and my sugar really responds and I have control. But I've just recently went through my strip stash. And I've start to get stingy on checking my sugar. It's too expensive to buy on your own - and I don't even have a job right not - so no money. Really.

It's so stupid.

And now - when I'm finally start to get good values I'm starting to have that common "side affect" of hypos. But I've never had it like this (since I've never really was balancing my sugar properly until now) - hypos that I DON'T FEEL until they are around 50!!! Dear god. I feel bad today. :(

Sell it off. Why not?

Kind of / totally feel your pain. Been outa work for a while not to mention having to move from MA which has had free health care for years. Helps that I had extra Lantus saved up. I'm not pumping yet but have tried doing a 12hr 1/2 dose method for long term insulin a co-worker had suggested which gave me better control over varying insulin while sick or more active.

Although trading via this site is not allowed maybe you can do so in the real world. Like meeting at a college bookstore to sell textbbooks outside which is perfectly legal.