Time for a new pump. Looking for opinions


Next month I will able to get a new insulin pump and I’m looking for opinions on the Vibe. I am currently using the Ping and the Dexcom I’m happy with what I have but I’m always open to trying new things.

I am using Win10 if that makes any difference for downloads with the Vibe.


I have the Vibe and like it very much so far. Windows 10 works fine with the downloader, but you have to get the compatible cable.

Short response – I’m sure others can do better. :smile:

I am not familiar personally with the Ping, but from what I understand it is pretty similar to the Vibe. The Vibe will function as a Dexcom receiver, so you won’t need to carry a separate receiver. You cannot control the Vibe from a remote so it’s button presses only. With the Vibe, EZbolus will populate the bolus field with the suggested bolus dose with a single button press. Otherwise, it’s the same slightly clunky menu system.

I like not to have to carry round a separate receiver for the Dexcom (one thing you CANNOT do with your pump is to lose or mislay it!!). It is also useful to have easy access to glucose levels/trends and IOB on the same device that I am using to deliver insulin.

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While the Vibe provides a display for a Dexcom G4 sensor, it’s software is one generation back from the latest 505 or Artificial Pancreas Project software. I would be concerned with being locked into 2014 software for the service duration of the pump. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s possible to update the Vibe G4 CGM.

At this point in the Dexcom CGM development stream, with the G5 just out and the G6 slated to come out next year, I think it’s a disadvantage to get frozen at the pre-505 G4 version level for up to four years. The Vibe G4 is an adequate CGM system but I would feel left behind as the Dexcom CGMs enters an improvement growth spurt.

I think commitment to Dexcom/pump integration at this time (be it Vibe, t:slim, or O’pod) may leave you behind imminent technical advancements.

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You’re right that the Vibe CGM firmware is not upgrade-able… I don’t have a G5, but I do have an upgraded (to 505) G4 with share. Because I like the louder alarms from the receiver, I have been carrying the receiver much of the time even with the Vibe. I have seen very few times when the Vibe’s CGM and the Dexcom receiver have been different by more than 5 points through more of the range and 10 on the high end – and usually the Vibe is closer to my meter’s report than the receiver. I don’t see a huge problem with relying on the Vibe’s CGM at this point.

I tested the Vibe for a week and enjoyed it. I placed my order yesterday with my animas rep for one along with a dexcom G5. I’m very active (running, biking, and swimming) and I love that it’s totally waterproof, leaves me much less to worry about.

Just to clarify … I assume the above is a typo and you meant to say Dexcom G4, not the G5. If you actually got a G5 in the hopes it would work with an Animas Vibe then I fear you’ll soon be wearing the scrunchy face of dismay. :open_mouth: :smirk:

I just got a upgraded G4 receiver and I love the LOUDER alarms. I wish there was a way we could change to sounds on them from time to time. My body seems to become familiar with them and no longer hears them after about 6 months.

A friend has the t:slim I DO NOT like the connector location or how long it takes to change/fill the infusion set. So I have ruled the t:slim out.

Thanks to everyone that has shared their thoughts, I’ve got another month before I can order my new pump.

No typo John. If I wanted integration with the vibe, yes, I’d go with the G4. Instead, I want to use my phone for the CGM and not carry a receiver around, thus, my pump will function only as a pump, not as a pump/GCM. I’m choosing the Vibe as a pump purely because it’s waterproof, sturdy, and suits my needs.


Enjoy your new pump, @TylerDrew!