Time for blood sugar reading on PDM

Has any one else seen this? In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that it is taking longer for a blood sugar reading to be measured after applying blood to the test strip. I do not have the new strips. I’m just wondering if my PDM is about to go kaput! Any ideas are welcomed!

I had a similar problem a while ago… I think November? After I complained to a number of people (including my rep. in person when I saw him at a diabetes day thing…) they finally replaced it. It would take up to 2 minutes for mine. I ended up on the phone a couple of times doing a glucose check and having them time it before they finally gave in and replaced my meter. They will try to blame it on the strips, your glucose, etc. for a while before they give in but keep fighting!

I’m noticing the same thing!! Glad you brought this up. I wasn’t sure why it might be happening. BTW, ours is only 6 months old…

Glad I’m not alone in noticing this!! I think mine is about 2 years old … or around that! It’s still working fine just taking longer that it used to.

Ours has done that a couple of times. I just attributed it to a faulty strip. I changed the strip, and it worked fine. Hmmm. Have to be watching that.