Time Frame Tips

My husband are considering starting a family this summer but I REALLY want to lose some weight before getting pregnant so I’m not even more overweight during/after pregnancy. My quesiton is does anybody have any insight as to how much weight I could feasibly lose by June (6 months) but in a safe way. I know on average you should lose 1-2 lbs a week which would put me at losing roughly 30 lbs by June which would be great BUT I tried losing weight over the summer (3 months) and only lost about 10 lbs in those 3 months. I also would love any dieting/exercising tips for being a type I on the pump. I feel like my daily insulin averages are pretty high and I’ll never lose weight with pumping so much insulin on top of not eating healthy. Also, as a side note, I do NOT do well with a carb free diet…makes me ill! :wink:

The slower you lose the weight, the harder it is to gain it back. So the 1-2lb a week is sane and doable.

Then there are the plateaus folks hit because the body loses weight then pauses to adjust.

You need to think longer term, beyond that 6 mos. Instead, concentrate on using at least the first 3 just to ingrain better/different habits. Park further away at work or the mall and walk. Take the stairs. Go for walks each evening. Learn about portions and how to control them. The more ingrain these and others are, the better in the long run.

I did Weight Watchers for 6 months before beginning TTC and lost just over 25 lbs. If you consider that a pound a week or 5 pounds a month is considered healthy loss, you could probably lose 30. I am a carb lover and was not willing to go low carb, but I loved that Weight Watchers controlled my portions without dictating my carbs and/or foods. I dropped my A1c by nearly a point and dropped my pump TDD (total daily dosage) to 30 units from over 40 units, which I felt was drastic (and great). I was bolusing less because I was eating healthily.

I have a lot of tips I could give you, but my biggest tip comes from my CDE. You have to start acting, eating, and monitoring as though you are already pregnant. Then, the only variable you add to your routine is the baby. :slight_smile: That helped keep me focused and mindful. And since I hadn’t been green-lighted for TTC yet, it gave me six months of feeling like I was in control and doing something proactive for my health.

Hi Annarebekah,
I have had really good results at weight loss by paying attention to daily averages of insulin usage on my pump. I have set a goal for myself for total insulin use in a day, which has generally worked out to be half basal and half manual. As weight goes down, adjustments may have to be made on your carb ratio, and I have found that insulin works more effectively when my body is at a lower weight. It’s a simple way to manage weight, but you have to stay alert on your numbers. What I like about this method is that you can always see how much insulin has been used, at any time of a given day. Good luck on your chosen method for your weight loss. Larry LeFeber