Time marches on

Yikes, it’s almost been a year since I’ve posted here. Sigh… Where does the time go. I was doing pretty good until April of 2010. That’s when my dad went into the hospital (for some relatively minor stuff in the grand scheme of things) but because he is not an active man anyways he went on to go to a rehab center for about 6 weeks. Now I live with him and have become his care taker. Well, we know what happens then. We stop taking care of ourselves. Now, about 6 months later, I’m a little back on track. Back in the gym but nutritionally I have been failing more than succeeding. A lot of the time my head isn’t in a good place. I need to change that quick. I actually look forward to going to work (as an escape) Sad huh?

That’s it for now. Going to take dad to go vote. Will update more later.