Time to Change

so… In all honesty, I haven’t been taking as good of care of myself as I can be… my testing habits are poor and my eating habits are just as bad if not worse… I’ve been shooting regularly but I guess you can’t just pick one… a friend of mine was talking about how she was upset with her weight… so we made a promise to each other… starting today we’re going to be watching each other… she will make sure I test, shoot, and eat properly and I will watch her to make sure she eats healthy… I’m pretty excited for this and can’t wait until my next dr.s appointment so that I can see how my changes have affected me… :slight_smile: <3

that’s great Jennifer, it’s good to have a buddy. Are you going to put any resolutions in writing? like some the hints from our “Simple Steps” initiative. (I think I need to re-read this myself)



Jen good lucky! We are here to support you also :slight_smile: You are on the right track. Writing down our goals is essential, I totally agree with Marie! So keep going and remember that the process is not perfect, its a process so don’t push yourself too hard. We all make mistakes, and have to come back to reanalyze ourselves and our lives. We are not perfect, but its awesome that you are pursuing your improvement in your own benefit.