Time to consider a new pump

I have been using an Animas pump the last 4 years. I have liked it except they are not a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider so I have to pay 20% which doesn’t make me very happy. I have good insurance so everything else I do at this pointis is paid 100%. This is the only pump I have ever used so am open for suggestions. I would like the latest technology and am definitely waiting for thinner and smaller and no tubing like all of you. As I like my pump I am willing to wait if something is close on improvements. Thanks.

I'm not sure what you mean by "they are not a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider". I have Anthem Blue Cross. It sounds like your coverage is better than mine because all my coverage is only 80%, but I didn't find Animas any different. Also Animas gave me a discount based on my income which covered the 20% so it was free, and I also get an extra 30% off supplies. Maybe we just have a different type of insurance.

You say "you're waiting for thinner and smaller and no tubing like all of you". I wouldn't mind tubeless if it were equal in quality and not football size, but I guess I don't mind the tubing because I like my ping. Anyway, I obviously have no other suggestions just was puzzled by the "Animas is not a Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider".

Yeah, same as Zoe.

Sounds like you have BCBS, which will cover 80% of your DME for Animas. Sounds like want to change for some reason, maybe because it's been 4 years and the warranty is expiring, and you are concerned about the out of pocket cost of getting a new Animas?

I have BCBS and they cover 80% of my DME for the tubeless Omnipod system. I love my Omnipod and with BCBS covering 80% of the cost for a pump, it was much cheaper to get than Animas up front. Over the life of the system, however, it will end up costing more because at 20% out of pocket, I pay Insulet $120 every month for my pods.

I love the system, however, so unless my situation changes drastically, I have no plans to switch pumps.

Just because Animas is not a provider doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get Animas products.

My insurance company does not have Medtronic as an approved supplier. But I can get Medtronic pumps and supplies through Edgepark who is an approved supplier. Do you have have a designated supply company through your insurance plan?

I am kind of old school, used to my minimed, my third, and they have been flawless. I have FED Anthem BCBS plus military coverage,so I am not sure about all that. I like the Minimed, I trust it and the connection (tubing) is not important, if it works.

Check out the T:slim by Tandem. It's new to the market. Slim in silhouette and touch screen. I can't answer to cost and I have a Ping in the box waiting for the official start day for me. The only reason I don't have the T:slim is because I was losing my insurance and wanted it paid for now. Animas had the prior auth already to my insurance company and Tandem did not.

i know nothing about Animas, but i am on the Metronic MiiniMed Paradyme pump and i love it. its easy as pie and i dont pay a penny for any of my supplies and paid nothing for the pump itself. Metronic has the best customer service you could dream of; they are always available to trouble-shoot any problem; and i mean ANY problem.

i am on disability and have medicare for my insurance. the US Govt. isnt too keen on paying up much money for any health benefits; HOWEVER, this company i knew nothing about, LIBERTY, came rushing to my aid when they noticed that i needed to be on this pump. they picked up all the slack that Medicare denied, and they have continued to do so for over the past year or two.i have paid them nothing. and they have not asked me for anything, either. confused as hell, but extremely grateful!!!!

maybe You could give them a try. Good luck and best wishes

yup that is who i use as well

I also have BCBS and got my omnipod and supplies from edgepark. I think I had to pay about $200 up front, but everything since then has been covered at 100%. I also get 90 day supplies at a time, makes things much easier.

I love the omnipod, but I never tried anything else. I knew I couldn't deal with tubing, the stick it on and forget it aspect of the omnipod sold me. Some people may find it bulky, but as long as I put it in the right place, I don't even notice it's there. I went swimming 3-5 days a week over the summer with it on, both ocean and pool, up to 2hrs and never had it fall off or stop working.

Good luck!