Time to get honest

Dear friends!

I always wanted to wirte something positive into my blog,
just to remind myself of what I have learned and to share it with you.
But I’ve realized that mostly I didn’t wanna share if things started to be working out worse again…
So… I wanna change this and stop thinking I always have to make progress!
Nevertheless I’m still afraid of not doing enough for my health and I want to keep myself motivated.

Since my friends are starting to have babies, I often have the nightmare of losing my baby or getting a sick child because I haven’t treated my diabetes well and I’m very shocked when I wake up… It’s my biggest fear of getting pregnant unplanned. I know what to do against it, but… :wink:
I’d really wish I could take care of my numbers for myself. And if then something unforseen happens… No reason for panic! That would be great. So… I am also very often tired of living with diabetes, and I wanna throw the whole thing down, but…
I wanna be honest to myself, work on my issues and keep myself motivated again and again!

Maybe I think too much, but… That’s just the way I am! :wink:

Astrid- you and I are in the same boat. I would love to follow your blog, and hear when you have a great day or a crappy day. Knowing we aren’t alone is the best thing. I too am of baby-making age, and I have the same worries you do. I know I could eat better than I do, or exercise more, but some days I just don’t care. And I worry constantly about being pregnant and diabetic. You are absolutely justified in that.

If you want to blog about your days, I would love to hear about what you’ve learned or not learned, and what you like and don’t like. Even the weather if that is what you want. Just listening to other people “living” their lives is what keeps me motivated to do what I need to.

You don’t think too much, unless I do too. Good luck!!!