Time to take off the "ole wedding rings."

I guess this is just another part of life. sigh…
It is such a pretty set too. They were passed down to my husband from his father. This kind of thing is such a treasure! I only recently discovered that
his wife’s name and his are engraved on the insides of the ring!
I wish I had known… like “before” it got resized to fit me! UGH! I definitely will not allow this set to be resized again. I’m afraid of losing their names.
Our anniversary is coming up on the 4th of Nov. LOL! Stephen has lost weight and lost his first wedding band already! ( I had to replace it as he lost it at work. It just came off and he never realized it.) I replaced that one. Now, he doesn’t even wear it.
Well, mine is now coming off for a similar reason. Weight loss! yup, I weighed 285 (size 3X)when it got stretched to fit me. Now, I weigh a pound less than I did when I graduated from highschool! LOL! 177 pounds ( now a size 14-16) How cool is that? :slight_smile:
Still, I’ve got to put this pretty set aside so I dont lose them down a drain somewhere! hmmm… wonder if he’ll get some small ring to just have something on my finger?

Congratulations on the 208 lb. thats something.

Dear Meadow, That’s great that you lost all that weight.Keep up the good work.