Time to wake up sleepyhead,but I haven't been to sleep YET

Lack of good sleep deep is what experts say you need,I guess they are not diabetic for most of us know sleeping is a problem well it is for me,how my Angel puts up with me tossing and turning most of the night to find a comfortable position must drive her bananas but you know was well as me Angels have seen it all before and take it in there stride,she sleeps at the drop of a feather there I am of to the lavatory/toilet/john what ever you call it 4 or 5 times a night so you tell me how can I get a good nights sleep there is also the cat smudge to consider she wants to go out side several times during the night I can hear you shouting buy a cat flap wonderful idea but the door is glass so think again,what annoys me most is there I am having a wonderful dream fit as a fiddle running jumping even flying beautiful women at my feet is that being sexist you have to be PC here political correct in everything you say and do,freedom of speech eat my hat anyway take last nights dream there i was on a luxury boat sun bathing sipping wine from a straw out of a tall glass seagulls flying overhead soaking in the Sun when smudge sat on my chest rubbing her face on mine Darling I love you I said when I was suddenly woken up by a thump in my side and the wife saying you love who of course being woken up you have no answer and the cat sitting there with a Cheshire smile on her face me trying to get myself out of a difficult situation with the wife so I said dreaming of you babe she turned over and was snoring within 30 seconds I had to get out of a warm bed leave my fantastic dream wonder downstairs and let the cat out,of course you seldom return to the same dream and wake up half smiling and half furious for not being able to finish the dream no wonder I am on anti depression pills.
Sleeping is what the body needs the pains aches worries and frustrations of the day can be left behind for that wonderful place we call dreamland have to go for a wee so back in a tinkle,you have to make light of our situations sometimes otherwise you would go crazy well I would,while I am typing away my thoughts wonder to all those people in Japan who have suffered one disaster on another,we moan a lot in this country about the price of fuel food immigration weather and lots of stuff that in comparison with such disasters make us seem childish when so many others suffer in this way.

Coming up to 8am victoza and pill time I hope you have pleasant dreams and can forget your problems like me for a short while anyway.

I take Benadryl and buffered Aspirin and am sleeping better now. Plus I have a fleece snuggie I lay on with about 4 layers of covers.