Timeshare keeps billing, refused deed back offer. How escape this scam?

A few years before retirement, got timeshare. Now, 10 years after retirement 2011, illness list grows. Type 2 diabetic 35 years. Heart stent. Timeshare property will not accept a return of prime week, and keep billing for weeks I cannot attend. How to escape this scam, and big mistake? Diabetic or not, everyone gets more ill, or sickness, or is caregiver. Puts word " forever" on deed.

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There are lawyer services that will get you out of it.

I’ve never understood the draw to these things. On its face it looks like a really bad idea.

They charge an average of 200 a week for maintenance. That’s crazy and it can go up to whatever they want. Then you need to pay a mortgage on it.

A 4 star hotel costs less and you can go anyplace.

This AARP article may help. Try contacting AARP to see if they may have advice for your specific situation.

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Thanks. I tried deed back, selling or give away, no luck. Seem stuck, maint. fee pay I stopped at 2020 pandemic year. Need to see attorney. Why can “forever” deed even be legal to start with , real land might be forever and to heirs, but this is not land. Jim