Timing is Everything

I have lived with Type I Diabetes for over 18 years. As my 30th birthday swiftly approaches, I am finally finding motivation to improve my control.

Someone put the word out about Tu Diabetes on LJ and that's how I ended up here. The timing is perfect, as I embark on a low-carb diet and exercise routine, and god knows I can use some support! I have never ever known anyone else with Type I, and I am eager to learn from and hear about others' experiences.

Another goal for the year is to finally get on the path to pumpdom (Pumphood? Pumpage? Hee hee.)! I administer millions of shots per day and I am ready to take those syringes and... well, you get the idea!

Until next time,


S -

Good luck! Pumping is GREAT and you will LOVE it. It’ll also help you to be able to be more flexible as you work on diet and exercise.

This community certainly can lend a good deal of support. I’m glad you’re here.


Thanks Nicole! That is so good to hear. I’m glad to be here too!


I know you’re in Maine, but if you happened to be in Massachusetts on the weekend of the 2nd Saturday of any month, there’s a great pumpers club meeting just north of Boston.

If you came, you’d learn a lot about pumping and probably get to see several different makes and models in use.

You’re ahead of the game, Sally. I’m 41 and just really getting into tight control. I’m currently on MDI but will be pumping ANY moment now. Everyone – as you may have noticed – says it will change my life, and I’ll wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. I have a question about your low-carb diet and exercise; do you eat more carbs when you exercise? I’m riding a bike 20 miles a day and I need way more carbs to do that…

Hi Kimberly! Good to hear from you. Yes, I definitely need more carbs if I’m going to be involved in high-intensity activity! Most of the time I get my exercise from walking, so I don’t typically need to carb up too much. For biking, however (and wow - way to go with your 20 mi/day!), I would certainly want to have a piece of fruit ahead of time!

Hi SallyJay,
I am up across the border from you in New Brunswick. Just about a fifteen minute drive from Houlton. I cross border shop often :slight_smile: I shall need a passport soon in order to continue!
I can’t believe you have not known any other type ones! My husband and son are type 1 and I am type 2. We are hoping to begin pumping with my husband soon and then once we figure it out maybe try it with our son.
I know what you mean about the lower carbs. I need to do that as well. I am trying to lose some pounds. I am trying to follow the Glysemic Index Diet and when I do, I find the pounds come off. I am having a hard time making time to exercise though. I am a member of Curves, but since my son’s diagnosis in march, haven’t gotten there much!
Good luck on what you are doing!