Timing of Met

Hello everybody,
I’m 42 years and diagnosed a few days ago with BG, my personal doctor prescribed me Metformin 1000 mgs, but, my BG remains high… He then prescribed me with 2 x 850 daily + Melix 5 mg.

Have been taking it since 2 weeks now, but, even though i see a rise in my BG. 1 morning i woke up early, decided to take my Met without having breakfast, and to my surprised after 3 hours my BG was 5.7 I was so excited that i started to take them before breakfast (like 45 minutes earlier) and i take the other 1 after diner…I find my BG much better with this timing…but, sometimes i don’t know how it becomes unstable even though following a healthy diet.

But, i have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism also. This have shaken me a bit as i have seen my mom’s health complicating a lot with that… so, i don’t really know if being stressed out with this is keeping my BG unstable.

Hello! Welcome to the club no one wanted to join.

If I may ask, what time were you taking the Met before? How high were your blood sugars when diagnosed? Unpredictable BGs are often par for the course when dealing with diabetes, but in order to get a better handle on what you're dealing with, I'd like to ask a few questions.

What tests did you have to determine you're diabetic? Did you have any symptoms? How high is your A1c? Are you a normal weight, overweight, or obese? Is your hyperthyroidism autoimmune? Do you have any other health conditions?

It's a lot of questions, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but all of the answers are helpful in some way or another.

Taking a dose first thing on waking is essential to get on top of Dawn Phenomenon.

If I happen to get up in the wee hours of the morning to pee, I'll take my morning dose then if it's after 3AM.

Hi, thank you for replying,

Well i was taking the Met after breakfast around 9am, but, now i take it at 7am… when diagnosed it was 9.6 and it remained above 10 for a whole week, may be because i was too stressed knowing i’m diabetic. Only then my doctor prescribed me with additional Melix and split Met twice/day. I did a blood test to dermine i’m diabetic :frowning: no symptoms apart from insomnia… my A1c was 7.8, i am obese, i don’t know if my hyperthyroid is autoimune or not it was 5.27 which according to my doctor it’s not so serious and i don’t have any other health problem apart from insomnia

Yes i do think so too, taking first dose while fasting is much better

Okay, then it sounds like you're doing the right things! It's important to do what works for you, and it's great that you're already so self-aware.

I wish you the best of luck. This place is a great resource, and I hope you use it as often as you need to.

The advice I got is to take it a few minutes before eating.
Not doing that might be misusing it. Talk to a pharmacist