Tips and Tricks with insulin and insurance in Oklahoma

I just recentely accepted a job in Oklahoma. I had BCBS of LA, and I am going to BCBS of OK. Anyone switched BcBS states before and had any issues? Also, in Louisiana we have this program that allows us to buy insulin for $15 dollars a month as long as we talk to a health coach once a quarter. Are there any programs similar to this in Oklahoma? Any other general tips when switching insurances? There shouldn't be any gaps and I will have two months of pods for some cushion room in case of paper work snags. Any and all advice is much appreciated.


Hey Ben I use BCBS of OK as well. I don't have any experience with switching states though, so not much help there, but I use pods too and they have been fine w/ appropriate coverage (I order direct from Insulet, so not currently messing w/ 3rd party suppliers like Edgepark).
I'm also not sure of a program for $15 copay insulin. That sounds like a sweet gig though, if it exists here!
Sorry to have much helpful info for you right now :-/ Here's to you have good experiences as you transition to the new job and new insurance though!

If you are with the same employer, you can keep your BCBS of LA policy. I live in TX and have a BCBS of MN policy I get through work. All BCBS providers across the country should be in-network for you. If you are switching employers, then unfortunately your policy switches and you'll have to meet your deductible, or so I would imagine.

Yeah, I am switching employers, football coach at North East Oklahoma A&M. They have amazing insurance though. They pay the complete premium, with a $750 deductible.

Bradford, you order straight from Insulet? I talked to a Dexcom rep, and they said they are not in network, so I would have to go through Edgepark. I had a terrific experience with the 3rd party supplier PumpsIt out of Houston. I'm guessing Edgepark is not so smooth? I read a lot about people having to deal with them a lot.