Tips for better control:

Hi fellow betics!Hope everyone is doing well!I would like to share with you that I have recently lowered my hba1c from 9% to 6.9%.I will share with you my top 5 tips for better control.What are yours?

1.Record record record
I have found that its a whole lot easier and less scary to manage your diabetes if you find a pattern.So even if it means 3 am testing its worth it!

2:Make diabetes your number 1 priority:
My new moto is if my didbetes isnt in control its pointless trying to solve other problems in my life.While good diabetic control doesnt solve everything in life it sure makes it a lot easier to deal with the daily stresses.

3:Seek Help
Diabetes is NOT easy-espically not on your own.I was emotional eating and this was adversly affecting my diabetic control,so I decided enough was enough and I saught help.I have now regained control around food and consequently my diabetic contol has improved.

4:Dont be too hard on yourself:
If you seek perfection with the betes…you WILL be dissapointed.I celebrate good numbers and view “unfavourble” numbers as a learning source where I always try to find their cause and implement the nesecarry changes.

5:Be the boss:
Its SO easy to let diabetes control you but you have to kick diabetes in the ■■■.I was and still am terrified of hypos and thereefore I was running higher blood glucose numbers than recommended and avoiding exercise just so that I could avoid a hypo.I made a firm deal with myself that I would stop letting diabetes smother me and get on with my life.

I must add a 6th point!!This community in TU diabetes is a place I can find comfort and undrerstanding-something which can be difficult to find in daily life!xxx

Great advice. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Interesting notions, I’m sort of the opposite re #2 in that having something to do helps me keep my BG under control more effectively, since I don’t want ‘events’ to get in the way of _________ whatever? I’ve had a few different things over the years but diabetes is very important but it’s not an end in itself. I’d agree w/ everything else though?

Great tips!

Kind of along with No 4…Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself time to learn. Learning to be a good diabetic is a process. New information is comming out all of the time. Things change.

I am so glad you are doing well.

Top tips that have helped my niece:

  1. Switching insulin to Apidra… it worked faster for her, has less of a tail and is more “front loaded”. Apidra has not eliminated but has reduced her post meal spikes. Not everyone has the same results, but I think many do.
  2. Testing two hours after meals when at home. Enables us to catch a high earlier and treat or fill in with carbs if too low. We do override the pump to give corrections using 150 as our “target” at the 2 hour mark. Alternatively, if too much insulin is on board we can calculate how many carbs to give and whether to give then or a little later.
  3. Overbolusing slightly for dinner (which is her highest carb meal), enabling us to stop the spike. If we do this we will have to fill in with some carbs at the two hour mark.

    Since postprandials are always the main challenge for us, tips revolve around that issue. Reducing carbs the way many of the adults do is out of the question at this time.