Tips for Finding the Right Doctor

I just got this link to a PDF of a free ebook called "Finding Dr. Right"

Seems like a great resource to help in the process of finding a doctor.

Do you have any tips you would like to share about how you choose your doctor?

Hi Renee,

I actually work for’s PR agency. does include any malpractice suits in the profiles of doctors. It pulls from the same pubic databases that your website does.

On page 10, it specifically states to find out about malpractice claims and sanctions. It also discusses several different kinds of quality measures.

Renee, is also one of those sites - it’s a combination of peer reviews, empirical data (such as those malpractice claims) and patient reviews. A good well rounded report of the doctor, plus the ebook to help you once you make an appointment!

We don’t have those kinds of resources in South Africa. It’s very very difficult to sue a doctor here, because the medical profession closes ranks and they will refuse to testify against him. I found my doctor through word of mouth from a diabetic support group.