Tips for inserting dexcom G5 sensor

Dexcom has the pricing (at least US) such that a pair of G5 transmitters has the same pricing as one G4 transmitter. The G5 has more onboard processing then occurs with the G4 and it requires more power. Dexcom arranged for the pricing to be the same at least as far as the warranty covers.

The extra months that people generally get from the G4 (ie - 9~10 months life is probably quite typical) was simply a bonus and not guaranteed nor warrantied.

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If ou use Xdrip, it will ignore the shut down date for the G5, and you can run it until the batteries actually die.
I am on day 149 for my G5 right now. The resistance is starting to climb, but I haven’t had any issues yet.
I already replaced the batteries in my last G5, so once this dies, I will just start using that one.
These do NOT work with the Dexcom receiver, etc.

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A couple people have mentioned that with a fresh battery they can hit 200 days on the G5 transmitter w/ xdrip.

The G5 has higher power drain just sitting on the shelf as compared to the G4.

Personally, we are using the Dexcom Receiver and Dexcom App so we are limited to 112 days max on the G5 transmitter.

I was using the G5 paired with my X2 pump. But since the VA hadn’t deemed it necessary to send me new transmitters (submitted new prescription a month and a half ago,) I am making due with xdrip. Miss having it a part of the pump. But until I get new transmitters, I will make mine work.


Kudos for doing what you need to do to make it work for you.

Hopefully the VA steps up soon and does what they already should of been doing.

Thanks. I’ve been having problems with the tape, so I’m going to try Skintac.