Tips? Tricks? Advice for a newbie

Not really “old” jjustt a littlle old! (and unable to type)

Steve and FHS, you guys don’t begin to know “old”, yet. Lol! I am 70 now, and have been T1D for 64 years. i love my pump and Dexcom.

Maia, be sure to read the discussion “A Technician’s Suggestions On Using Dexcom”. Hayley’s suggestions have helped me. I now tape my sensors on all four sides (as shown in the manual). I do that immediately after inserting a new sensor. This helps prevent the wire from shifting so much inside your body, and that improves the accuracy. It also improved my accuracy on the very first day of using a new sensor.

I wear my sensors in the middle of my abdomen, so that it will not get squished when I lie on my side. I make sure it is placed so my belt will not press against it at any time.

From where I stand, Richard, you are the definition of 70 years YOUNG!!!

Just thought I would update everyone and thank you all for your advice! You’ve definitely quelled my nerves!
My starter kit and first box of sensors was supposed to arrive in via FedEx today, but an unforeseen windstorm and my relatively “remote” location (read: directly between 2 small-town FedEx offices, it’s always a toss up which one will deliver!) delayed the delivery date! I went out to dinner, expecting the box to be waiting patiently with my roommates for me, but alas, I was sorely disappointed!
I’m looking forward to getting started tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to post and let you all know how my first insertion goes!
Dex On!

I hate the feeling, Maia! (waiting and waiting for a deliivery that will change your life, that is) I hope today is a better day! Good luck and PEACE!

Hi Maia- So! How did the first insertion go? I’ve been wandering around all the posts in this group since I just started a couple days ago and now I’m dying to know what you think about self-inserting!

Does the sensor bother you after a few days? And do you love it? I totally fell in love with my pump when I got it a few months ago…named her (she’s pink) and declared a relationship on facebook. But I’m not loving Pleco (in honor of sucker fish). Does he need to grow on me?

So, kinda embarrassed about this, but I’ve been too chicken (until yesterday actually…) to do the insertion myself…it went well and was totally no big deal, but it kinda wigged me out in my head (I’m an OmniPodder and have never had to “manually” do insertions before the Dex)
But let me tell you I was less than enthusiastic when I first started. Insertion creeped me out, I couldnt get them to stay stuck to my body for the LIFE of me, and I felt like a cyborg. For the first time in my life, I became very modest (it was still summer when I first started, and normally it takes something official, like a “no shoes no shirt no service” sign or my grandmother, to get me out of my swimsuit and into something more “appropriate”) because I didn’t feel like a human anymore.

safe to say, that’s passed. It’s grown on me slowly. I’ve been wearing it for a while now and I can’t imagine how I got on before. I’ll be interested to see what my next A1c is! It like it more and more every day. Once I bought a roll of FlexiFix and figured out all of my adhesion woes, I couldn’t be happier (except for that darn ring around the adhesive, where it picks up lint and fuzzies and leaves a black ring…ugh!)
I’m loving the reduced number of finger sticks, the graph just tickles me, I show it to everyone who knows me.
now, I LOVE my Dex (I liked it before, but it didn’t feel… necessary)

Hope Pleco grows on you, mine certainly grew on me!

NOt to show my ignorance (complete) …but what exactly is “Pleco?” Pls. set me straight, and congrats ladies, on becomming Dex’ers!

it’s a kind of catfish…“suckerfish” if you will…I had one in my fishtank for a while that looked like this:

but it was Courtney's idea to call her Dex "Pleco" hehe....

thanks for the congrats, Steve!

Haha…Recognize these guys? these little things latched to me reminded me of leeches and a friend suggested that the pleco fish might be a better image!

good plan! I’ve had some nasty encounters with leeches, but only positive memories of my suckerfish!

for a fun “pod-like” pump design, that actually drew inspiration from leeches!
check this out:

Thanks for clearing that up for me, ladies! Beautiful fish!

I’m a newbie too … just ordered my Dexcom today and am so excited to look through the wealth of information here!

hope all the advice I got from the good people of Tu gives you a helping hand!
and, to update, I LOVE MY DEX!
I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Thanks, Maia! I’m expecting my Dexi in the mail tomorrow morning … so excited!

Any tips on making manual insertion easier the first time, anyone?

the only thing I can think of would be…do it quick!
If you do it quickly, it won’t be very painful at all…and I say that from experience! Be sure to watch the tutorial a couple of times…I didn’t understand when they said “this will take a little effort” but they mean it!
You’ve probably already inserted, but I thought I would throw in my two cents!
I know it’s a little intimidating, but it’s not bad at all!

What do you mean a little effort? Like you have to push forcefully? I JUST got my package and my trainer is going to call to see if i want her around while I do it. Part of me feels like a wuss if I say yes but I’m afraid I won’t hear all the clicks I should hear. ooohhhh, just a little nervous!!

Courtney, I did mine at home by myself yesterday, it was fine! I actually did it slowly, and it only hurt a tad more than an injection would. My biggest complaint is the awkwardness of the parts and like Maia said, how forcefully you have to push things connected to a needle in your body! That having been said- watch the video, take a deep breath, and just do it : )

question: what parts of the dex do you recycle, if any?

ive seen these and they freak me out