I have been on the pump for 2 1/2 weeks and my bs are lowering. I love wearing my pod on my arm, I am having issues with my bra strap and tank top getting stuck and ripping. Does anyone have tips on how to avoid this? Thanks

Is it the pod that is ripping? If so it adds another thing on you but we have used tegaderm over jacobs pod esp on his arm where it may come loose with swimming or activity. it is just a big piece of clear medical tape that you can put over it esp over the canula end to keep it more secure, there is also some skin tac that you can use after the alcohol prep to make it adhere better. sometimes it is just awareness that there is something new there and you will have less snags down the road, jacob lost a bunch at first until he was more aware! best of luck, ( you could order the tegaderm on line even at amazon or any medical supply co).

Ok thanks I appreciate it!

I wrote a hubpage recently on how I manage to wear my insulin pump. Hope it helps
Wearing an Insulin pump

I bought one of these armbands for when I where it on my arm - works great!

Arm Bands

Thank you I will check those out! Do they work good?