Tipsy Topsy Toesy

Wake up you sleepy head here I am trying to wake my wife up otherwise the traffic will be hectic when she finally leaves for work,made her a warm cuppa tea to help her wake up carrying it upstairs is a challenge as I am accident prone meaning I tend to drop a lot of things one minute they are in my hands the next on the floor usually in pieces we did have a china tea set, but now there are only 6 pieces left hope it was not a family heirloom,I have noticed since taking my medications a lot of things I have acquired loss of short term memory,loss of feelings in feet toes hands on occassions dizziness leaning to one side and falling over before the diabetes and heart problems I,was never this bad,mind you I can remember mom shouting at me more than once you clumsy fool wanted to say git that is what she would say but do not know if that word is allowed if not apologies forthcoming.

Some days are better than some but you do feel a right idiot when you have company and you drop things or have a wobbly turn so fro going from a safe pair of hands I am now leave it there I will carry it kind of person,more self respect as a man gone down the drain,our eldest daughter is suffering the same side affects loss of short term memory are the Staten’s (not sure how you spell it my eyes are glazing over at the moment) to blame anyone out there having similar problems the big difference is our daughter appears to be getting worse faster than I did,trying to fa hem out if it is the drugs is a real problem I take 14 different drugs a day including insulin and victoza so if it is the drugs which one or which combination is causing the side affects,when our doggy was alive hi Ben miss you a lot I was always falling over him you know what dogs are like they like to get as close to you as they can in and out of your legs I often never knew he was there and have fallen down the stairs more than once should have been a stunt person might have earned some dosh/money/spondula, having said that i would gladly fall over him any day if he was still here,feeling a bit sad right now pets do that to you,going to have a cuppa tea back soon…kettle boiling.

OK where was I falling down,since taking the two new drugs for gout my shoulders and arms have been giving me some gripe/pain well lots of it unable to get to sleep have to see the doctor,have to take victoza and morning medication before I forget here goes one small prick into my tummy area one more hole in my skin to add to the rest, ouch,now all I have to do is swallow 8 pills ug ug ug down the hatch think of England St George and cream cakes,smudge wants to be let outside sitting at my feet meowing she sure has me house trained,as usual time is not our friend well space is the problem running out of it fast,so for now good friends I cry havoc let the dogs of war loose not sure if that is right have to look it up bye twiddlemthumbs