Tired all the time!

high b/s causes tiredness. real tired. I jumped off the wagon for 3 months because i was tired of diabetes. I paid the price tho. Im type 2. my A1c went from 6.4 to 8.5. my average b/s was 390. I was waking with fasting sugars of 245-300. My Endo. went crazy. I have now got back on my diet and take Levermer 13 units nightly. Trpililix and Glimeperide. Excersize really helps keep my sugars down. I am now waking up with sugars in the 140- 155 range. Its only been a week so far. I actually feel better and have more energy when my b/s is less than 180. Its a tuff disease to deal with .

Thanks for input karatejoe. I just did my HbA1c and it was 6.8, which is an improvement over my last one. Went to see a diabetes educator who had a formula for dosing my two insulins (novolog, and lantus). That has helped a lot. Exercise is helpful, but if I'm tired it makes it hard to motivate. It is tough to deal with, and I understand wanting to take "time off". Without positive reinforcement, I can get really depressed about my numbers and general mood. Even when I'm doing everything right, I dont always get rewarded? Can be very frustrating. Gotta keep on trying and be our own advocates. Nice to interact with others who understand how it is to live with diabetes.