Midnight - Staring and pretty much drooling.

I dont sleep well at all, so when Connor or/and Mike are high at night, or for any medical reason really, I stay up and correct and test. If I sleep for a short while between corrections, its too hard to wake up, so I stay up. Tonight is one of those nights…Tonight I am Momma nurse, which is ok. They are my life.
Connor is T1 and ADHD - Mike is T1 with neuropathy issues that require constant care.

Im tired. If it is not diabetes, it is ADHD issues.....focus issues, hyperactivity...hard to do homework in these situations - but we do it and we do it WELL! Connor makes honor roll every quarter.

Not whining, just passing the time. Might have a lot of it tonight. Maybe not.


1am - Connor is still high. Had to change site and give injection correction…Will recheck in 2 hours. I wish I was diabetic and not him.

What a wonderful mother you are! An angel watching over these precious ones. Is exhausting.

Hope you get some rest.

These are the instances that how I wish a cure is just around the corner…
You are an amazing Mom…I pray that you will always be blessed with strength.
If you need somebody to pass the time with…Im here =)
Though I do wish you can get some rest…

Gerri is right you are a wonderful mother. Hope all goes well tonight for you. This is why we really need a cure now. I am up also tonight if you need someone to help you pass the time. I am having a high BG night tonight also. Hope we both can get some rest.

you are an amazing mom/wife/nurse…we love you

Thanks everyone. Things people say make things better.
I love you too connorspappa :slight_smile:

Connor has two awesome parents! What lucky boys!