Do you get tired? Diabetes doesn’t take a vacation. It hangs on to your hand like a needy child that we are trying to pacify but sometimes can’t. It sometimes doesn’t make logical sense (where did that BS come from??). It does things that surprise you and oh my, the energy it takes some days.

But, when I’ve counted my carbs and think it is too much, I find hope when my doc tells me my A1C was 5.3.
But, when I’ve rubbed my feet screaming with neuropathy pain, I find the relief I need when my foot doctor comments that they are “soft as a babies bottom, good job”
But, when I ache after a long walk that promises a sore tomorrow, I look at the pedometer, permanently wired to my shoe, and the number soothes me.

I find comfort in a hot ginger tea that reminds me that a tea pot can love me.
I find the stress cracks and falls away when I take a little time to paint my nails and inhale my lavender ‘mist machine’.
I find my magic charm hidden up my sleeve and escape in a dream provided by a well deserved nap.

I find that tired comes and tired goes but keep faith because there are some awesome things in life that make it worth the work and struggle. Today I’m tired, but always push on!

If you are tired today, I wish you strength and energy and the path to find your happy place where you can recharge.


Wow @Marcia_Skidmore what an awesome outlook!

Thank you :slight_smile:

What a post before my walk, thank you. My to go to are my talking books and my knitting with a cup of tea. Away from home the Y. Thank you so much. Nancy50

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I forgot to add my trips to the Y – me, too! Thinking about adding swimming into my schedule but time has to be juggled. (swimming is more prep and process before and after :slight_smile:

Marcia I do water aerobics ,love it.

Nancy Matulis

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