Tis the season for infections


Woke up around 11:00 today. Rare for me to sleep over 12 hours. Rolled over and checked blood sugar. 300, looks like the sinus infection I was trying to get has hit me full force. I contemplate if this can wait until Wed. when I have an appointment to see my doctor or if I need to go today to walk in clinic. I opt for walk in clinic. I go up there and sit 5 hours to see doctor. Find out I have diagnosed my self correctly, while it isn’t bad enough yet for antibiotic shot as well as oral antibiotics. The doctor actually listens to me and he gives me the shot as well as oral antibiotics. This is the one week I can’t afford to be sick, I have finals, work and getting ready to fly and flying with sinus infection isn’t fun. So hopefully the shot and antibiotics kick in fast.


Hi cody,
Hope everything will be better soon as you expected. You’re not, this is not a good time to be sick, this the season to be jolly! LOL… my body is sore from the long hour drive yesterday, and I woke up with 132 BG, ate a lot last night! whew…
Take care and be well…


I hope so too and maybe after the holidays, you, Robert and i can make a chat date. It is easier for me to get online now since I no longer have to be up at 4 a.m. Happy Holidays


:-), yeah, looking forward to that one…