Title for a diabetes based project

Hey everyone, I am currently making a documentary about Type 1 Diabetes. It is going to cover what the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 are, and what it is like living with diabetes. the only problem is, I don't have a title! If you guys could suggest ideas for a title that would be great! Thanks!!!

T1D 01/25/05

Dragons and Sharks?

Lions and Tigers?

Pirannah and (something)?

Eels and Snakes?

Mountain Lion and bear?


You want two creatures which can be dangerous, or are easy to imagine (as dangerous) and compare would be my starting point?

I don't have an exact title recommendation but do have some ideas to frame your creative pursuit. My ideas are about a title that focuses on the T1/T2 distinction.

You could think about the coin metaphor. Heads and tails are intimately related but uniquely separate.

Modes of transportation may also work. Cars and boats, for example, could be used. Or passenger car vs. a truck. Or taxi vs. bus/subway.

Familial relationships might also serve you. Brother/sister or cousins might work. They're closely related but distinctly different.

How about the city/country (rural) dichotomy? The tale of the city mouse and country mouse comes to mind.