To All NEW Zelanders ON HERE!

I just saw a clip on yahoo news or something like that and it said you had a volcanic erupion over there! I’m here in the good ole UA and wanted to make sure you guys are OK! Let us hear from you and if it affected you in anyway!!!


Yep, we did. Mount Ruapehu had an eruption. Well, more like an eructation than an eruption. A volcanic burp than a full blown, smother the land with ash and lava eruption.

The sad thing is that a climber got badly injured by it. A boulder crashed the the roof of the hut he was staying in and crushed his legs, one of which has subsequently been amputated.

New Zealand is right on the edge of a couple of tectonic plates, and earthquakes are common-place. Fortunately, they tend to be fairly small and cause little or no damage, except to your sanity; they are very unnerving! We can keep an eye on them though, GeoNet keeps us in the picture.

I didn;t know about it being on a couple of tectnic plates! Thanks for letting me know that and that your OK!! Thank God!! I tend to worry about natural occurances and just want to make sure everybody is OK that’s in them!! We live about 40 miles from the famed Reelfoot Lake that was formed here a long time ago by a massive earthquake on I belive it’s called the New Mandrin Faltline here in the good old US in TN and is so named that b/c of a town in Moussori called New Mandrin of course I live in West Tn and on the news they have been saying that it’s time for it to do like it done when it formed the lake so we’re just waiting for that one!!! I feel so sorry for that gentalman but ne can always look at it this way …He survived!!!

Pleased to report that I’m still in one piece!

It was a surprise volcanic burp - normally we get heaps of warning from Ruapehu but this time it seemed to want that man’s leg :s

No major damage or anything… it was just a little burp. Tho I’m sure the man with the lost leg wouldn’t agree, poor guy.

Great to know your OK! I too feel really bad for him…But it sounds like something my mom always told me and I’m not trying to be a smarypants…" It could have been alot worse." Be thankful it wasn’t" Sorry but I feel alot better knowing you guys are OK!

It’s nice to be thought of :slight_smile:

I do the same when there are hurricanes, earthquakes, whatever… that’s the trouble with getting to know people all over the world - more people to worry about lol.

Oh too true but according to my hubby and kids I make a life out of doing that! HA! So I CAN ! (sticks my tonge out and laughs) HA!!