To eat or not to eat, that is the question

So my doctor said yesterday that I need to eat more calories so I promised to go up to 500 per meal 3 times a day. Well this morning was the first time I did that and instead of having more energy to get through my swim session, I had way less! Seriously, what happened? I used to just eat a Cliff Bar (190 calories) and then go for my swim, last a half hour, refuel then swim another half. Today I couldn’t even make it to a half hour. So not good for my workout regimen. Any Suggestions as to what I should eat or not eat prior to my 6:00 am swim?

Blessed Diabetic

You said yesterday your “blood sugars were fine.” Could you be more specific? When did you check and what were the numbers?
What you’ve eaten for breakfast is not the issue if you are exhausted after half an hour.

Yesterday at the beginning of the swim I was 130 during the swim at a half hour i was 120 (so I had a refuel) at the end of the swim I was 150. For me, that’s really good control. I’ve been on the insulin pump now for about two weeks, the first week I kept crashing while in the pool. Today however I started out at 90 and hovered around the low 90’s during the swim. After a half hour I was just tired, weak and wanted to quit. So I got out and came home. I honestly expected a different turn out today, perhaps I just needed to rest up instead of pushing myself, I mean three weeks ago I wasn’t even swimming at all. So perhaps an hour is a bit much at this point.

Thanks. You’re right of course. It doesn’t look like a blood sugar thing.
Good advice from Susannah. She would know.
I stick with the comment that it is not about what you had for breakfast. But if you have been consistently failing to get enough recovery you are accumulating more and more fatigue every workout. Recovery is nutrition, hydration, sleep, just plain time off, etc.
It helps me when I think about the fact that we get stronger while recovering, not while working out.
Good luck.

Susannah you’re comment and support was amazing, thank you for taking your time to help me out. I believe I will go back to just eating a small protein/carb snack before my swim (mainly because I don’t want to have to get up at 4:00) and then eat a healthy breakfast when I get home. My breakfast is typically under 40 carbs and has good fats/ proteins, that has helped in the past. Just like you stated I am the most resistant in the morning hours, hence me swimming at 6:00 am. I did have a blood sugar crash last night though, I’m wondering if that had anything to do with my performance level today. In either case, I think taking a break today was probably for the best. I’m drinking plenty of water and hope to be able to hit the pool again stronger then today. Thanks again for the tips, suggestions, and your time.

Blessed Diabetic

Ya know Jerry, I’d have to say your right. I’m not really giving my muscles much of a break. Also I’m planning on adding walking (eventually jogging) to my daily schedule as well. Perhaps I’m doing too much, not sure I just know that with the new insulin pump I feel like I have a new lease on life and I have the energy and desire to do stuff. I’d bike ride too if I had one LOL.

Hi Susannah, So today I just ate a hard boiled egg and a Mojo bar, my swim was spot on 12 laps in 40 minutes. I left came home and did some massive heavy cleaning, then went shopping. At this point, yes I’m tired… but I seemed to have more energy and felt better during my swim. I think for me at least, eating breakfast before makes me tank out. I hope you enjoy your swim tomorrow.