To Eat or not to Eat....?

Last night , Scott (husband) and I was watching the Celtic’s and Spur’s game, he decided he wanted to go to get a Strawberry Short Cake from Albertson’s. 8:30 last night, Niya (dtr) came to me and said, “I want Strawberry Short Cake mom”. We packed the truck up and went to the store. Scott sent me in the store to get the Strawberry Short Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream…lol send a diabetic in to pick up sweets; that’s suicide. I couldn’t believe it one of my favorite childhood desserts, it’s going to be in my house; what am I going to do?

I decided to BE good and not eat any! I watched Scott and Quyncee (step-dtr) eat and tell me how “Nasty” it was; reverse psych…lol it didn’t work because I knew how good it was. Big Stawberries, whip cream, pudding in the middle of the cake…ummmmmm! Darn, I am proud of myself for passing it up.

Today, I left work early—the only thing I could think about on the way home was Strawberry Shortcake. Should I or shouldn’t I; i thought about it the whole way home. I opened garage opened the door, went into the kitchen, pulled the cake out of the ice box and had a LITTLE piece; it was GRRRREAT!

We have to treat ourselves everyonce in a while, the trick is not to over indulge.

To Eat or not to Eat…??? I chose to eat…hahahahha

Good choice! I agree completely! I know different people have different philosophies, but I find that if I can enjoy the treats and cover them with insulin, it is better than always wishing for something and feeling sorry for myself!

Hope that it was delicious!

I often do angel food cake (relatively low carb) with whipped cream and strawberries… not such a “sinful dessert”.

Good for you! I’m another believer in enjoying treats. I either increase my insulin to cover the treat, or plan on (and follow through with!) physical activity afterwards that will burn the blood glucose levels off.

My weak spot is for things like cookies and milk. Mmmmmm…!

LOL I am an 80’s baby but my husband said he remembers fizz drinks…I have to take a small skinny slice of anything cause if I don’t trouble trouble trouble! Maureen I love oatmeal cookies! Mrs. Fields cookies are awesome; ok, have to stop talking about it! Kristin, we use to eat short cakes with angel food cake all the time when I was growing up