To Everything There Is a Season

To everything in a person's life, there is a season. I am hopeful that this is the END to what seems to have been one giant season but, upon reflection, seems to have been many seasons all piled on top of one another.

In my last blog I came to tell you of my newly-developed heart problems that culminated in the implanting of a pacemaker. Things were going swimmingly after a few weeks and life seems to have settled down into a certain rhythm of a sort of believable life. A little boredom setting in; I believe I deserve some!

One semi-brief intermission from sanity occurred sometime in 2013 (I think). Since it happened more than once, I cannot be sure of myself anymore. But, for the third time since I have owned it, one of the motors on my chair blew! Of course, it caught me right in the middle of the doorway between my bedroom and the bathroom. Fire department to the rescue again! This time, I was without a motorized chair for more than three months!!! They wanted me to go to a rehab center in the meantime!! All those of you who know me know how I feel about that, don't you? If you're not familiar with Medicare, you should know that they won't pay for repairs to a chair as long as a person is in a facility "being taken care of." Commit me and then take away my chair? HA!!! In the meantime, I demanded that my case manager either get me a loaner or 18 hour coverage with my aides. Well, they met me at 13 hours. Tough time of my independent living life.

HEY, CUT THAT OUT!!! It's no longer necessary to make all those catcalls and rude noises at my case manager! It's a thing of the past ... never to occur again. And if it does ??? Someone is going to give up their life for that! Cuz I swore that I would never go through with that again.

All this while, I have been struggling with another episode of a blister wound on the right foot (bottom). I think it started about September 2012! It would linger around the same size (with no real depth) with some advances toward healing and some setbacks. Always ebb and flow; ebb and flow. Finally, things started to get a little teensiest bit better than the week before. At this late stage, I can only recall being "officially" healed (in the heel, get it?) some time in December 2013. Now I need to move on to the next stage of the game.

I needed to get compression stockings to battle the ever-present battle with lymphedema in the right leg. If anyone out there knows about "Medicaid," then you know that wasn't an automatic given. It takes any government agency a long while to determine that the doctors know what is actually best for the patient. After hearing nothing for weeks on end, I was finally measured for a custom-made stocking. To say that they tried to take the cheapest way out is an understatement. Now, I am not a tiny person by any stretch of the imagination but, when aggravated by an unnatural swelling because of lymphedema, it is not the wisest choice to try to make it with off-the-shelf pre-made stockings. However, that's what they tried to do but failed so miserably at making it work! It took two nurses a good half hour to get it on ... sort of. They also put a hole in it before they gave up and took it off. When my doctor says "custom fit stockings" with a certain compression, he means it!! Well, back to the tape measure I went!

In the meantime, I must also attempt to get fitted with certain off-loading footwear and a brace for my remaining foot. A screw-up in the stocking department wasn't encouraging me in any way. Now I have another iron in the fire.

The end of this past week brought the news that my compression stocking was in. I pick it up this Wednesday and go to the shoe place on Thursday. So I guess I don't have to continue getting the leg wrapped anymore. Wish me luck!

To divert just a few days, last Tuesday a.m. dawned cold and bright. But before the morning really got going, I started to feel a bit punky. Cold and shivering. Took my temp and it was 99+. For me, 97.4 is normal. Well, OK. A low-grade fever. Half and hour later, I felt worse and my temp was then 100.2. Time to call the DR. By then, I'm shivering so violently that I couldn't talk without having to repeat myself time and time again. DR's advice: get thee to an emergencee! (I rhyme!) Having no transportation available without 24 hours notice, we had to press my lifeline and they sent for an ambulance. However, the paramedics showed up, kidded around and tried to talk me out of being sick. Ahhhhh! No go guys! Within a few moments of arrival in the ER, my temp was 102.6!! It took over 8 hours to get a room upstairs.

They thought I was septic at first, then an UTI and then the flu. Anyway, I was in the hospital til Thursday evening. They had put me on IV antibiotics, IV fluids and Tamiflu; and sent me home with a pat on the head! Still feeling a bit crummy, achy and headachy. But it wasn't the flu. What it is, I don't know but the hospital called on Friday and said the swabs were negativce for the flu. Chalk it up to an unknown viral infection!!!

Well, I guess that about brings things up to date. Maybe I will finally put together my book and fade away into the clouds of the internet.

Hoping this is an end to a totally unbelievable saga. Love ya all and the support you have showered on me.

Sorry that you have been in a terribly difficult season Lois... I sincerely hope and pray that you will continue to recover from the viral infection and that new stocking and shoe will come as they are to come, sooner than later..You have had so many health issues going on and still maintain a positive nature. I truly do not see "Pity Party" Lois in any of your writings. I try to be positive about my health challenges too.At church today, my bishop Dr. Timothy Clarke, said this . It inspired me s:," You do not have to have a faith( in yourself or outside sources) as large as your mountain. You need to have faith in God, who is larger than your mountain" I find myself bemoaning and then I remember what He has done for me in the past when I was sick; and I am uplifted. You are a strong woman who has overcome so may challenges with a smile and keeps on going. I am trusting that God will take care of you and any other mountain you have to go over. Take care, my dear. thanks for your comment on my post. It really means a lot.

God Bless,

Thanks, Brunetta. It brought tears to my eyes. One final comment on mountains -- I just want no more than little speed bumps!


And speed bumps, beware because our much-loved Purple Crusader will flatten you!....I'm so proud of you, Lois my friend. You are an inspiration. I'm up for Medicare in a year now and you are teaching me.

But I ache for you and your troubles. And I sincerely hope there will be an upward trend for awhile that will give you some much needed rest and recovery time!....Blessings old friend....As ever, Judith in Portland...xx000

Judith: I'm so glad that someone can learn from my little escapades! It's becoming harder and harder for me to do so since I tend to hunker down and try to become invisible from life's little "attacks." Unfortunately, I have proven that ducking out of the way is no the away to face things. I just have to learn to face them. And, if I can, face them with with a great big bat! It just doesn't pay to duck and hide. :o)