To go on insulin pump or not?

Hello, I am new tudiabetes. My Dr. and CDE both recently spoke to me about going on an insulin pump. I am trying to weigh the pro's and con's of this. Some of my cocerns are that I am allergic to alot of adhesives and metals will I be able to use w/o breaking out? Another concern is cost.

I have bad isurance and this concerns me cause I understand it can cost $500 a month not including the insulin.

Anything else I should think about before deciding what I should do. Thanks for any suggestions.


At full retail supplies for the MM pumps (without CGM) would run ~~USD155 + insulin. You could likely cut that down some as I would guess MM offers a cash discount for people not using insurance.

The cost of a current model MM pump and start-up kit (4 months supplies) has a retail price of ~~USD7,500. Again, I am 100% sure there is a large discount for cash buyers.

If you added in CGM that would cost $1000 for the start-up kit with 10 sensors + $350 for each additional box of sensors less any cash discount. Burn rate if you used each sensor for 6 days (vs. official 3 days) would be ~USD175 a month. Less if you did not use a sensor 100% of the time.

Pros: Ability to deliver more precise amounts of insulin. The ability to extend boluses over a period of time. The ability to adjust your basal rate to what you need it to be, as opposed to being dedicated to a large dose of Lantus (if thats what you use).

Cons: Cost. Having something attached to you 24 hours a day (Im over this worry, I got used to it really fast, and hardly notice it at all). Thats all I can really think of as far as cons go.

Chris already mentioned the big pros.

Cons: it takes a lot more work than MDI, counting calories, adjusting doses, more BG testing to start, and basal testing.

BUT if it you can make it work you will get much better control.

My first 4 months were terrible & then everything fell into place & it became a lot easier. Last A1C was 5.7, but I still have days when I have no idea what is going on.

I have insurance so I don’t worry about costs


i worry about all those things on mdi constantly (counting carbs, adjusting doses, bg testing, and don’t even get me started on long lasting insulin or trying to exercise on it)