To infinity and beyond (Buzz Lightyear)


I was knocking around Borders this weekend (common American bookstore for those of you abroad) and they had an oversize photo book celebrating 50 years of mankind in space. They were some really amazing photos. Some because of the machines and the places they were taken, but others because of the men. I got a chuckle out of two opposing pics. On the left were the “new nine” astronauts in full test suits with helmets on a lake bed next to a test aircraft. On the right page the same astronauts, facing away from the camera, but they had their helmets on backwards so they appeared to be facing the camera. :slight_smile:
I was disappointed a couple weeks ago when the nearest theater showing “In the Shadow of the Moon” was an hour’s drive. A week later, not even playing there. I may have to break out a DVD of “The Right Stuff”. If we can go to the moon, some day we will cure diabetes!

Here’s a link to the National Geographic site that I re-themed my page with.
In 1984, Bruce McCandless II became the first person to walk untethered in space. His jet-pack-powered stroll near the shuttle Challenger was one milestone in humanity’s journey into space—an adventure that began 50 years ago this month.
NASA has a special site also.


Love the wallpaper. If you scroll through the 50-year photo gallery at NG, you’ll see a fantastic photo of our lab’s superstar, Robonaut, on a lunar crater w/ an astronaut. Although not actually taken on the moon, it might be our coolest picture. It’s nice to see non-NASA people as excited about space exploration as we are.