To Pump or Not to Pump & Which one?

I am 57 & have had diabetes for 35 years, since being Gestational with my first pregnancy. I am now on 4-shots a day & my doctor has suggested a pump. I have some reservations: always being connected (ych), not being very tech savvy, will I be able to see it without reading glasses (?)…etc. In addition, there are pros and cons for each. I want suggestions from "real people."

There are tons of discussions of this issue all over this site. A couple of things that may not be addressed elsewhere: you can get a pump-sized magnifying card that you can easily carry in a pocket or purse if you’re overly farsighted; try one of the sites listed on (scroll to the bottom for “commercial sites”). If you’re concerned about simplicity of use, might I recommend the Deltec Cozmo? It’s pretty intuitive and hard to screw up with, things are labeled well, and it has very good customer support. There are lots of options out there, though, so go ahead and explore the pluses and minuses of each pump. There are groups on TuDiabetes specific to each of the major pumps out there where you can get more specific information about peoples’ experiences rather than the companies’ claims.
Best of luck as you make your decision - we’d all love to hear how it goes.
Take care,