To Start the Pod or Not To

I am about to have a Total Knee replacement on Aug 10 I am on MDI now. I should get the Omni Pod on Thursday and could get Trained on it Friday. That gives me Three weeks to get use to the Pod.Question is that enough time to get use to it or not before Surgery.

Insurance Would not pay for it but I AM GOING TO FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY. Appeal, Appeal Appeal

YES, Sam, it is enough time. I’ve been wearing mine for 3 weeks today! I fleel like I’ve always had it!! We are traveling now, for 2 months and I am so glad I have the pump! It makes life so much easier!
Good luck with the pod and especially, the new knee!
I also changed the batteries on the PDM today…they last 3 weeks.

I think it’s plenty of time! The best thing to do is to make sure you have a good trainer and make sure you follow up with them as needed, especially after the surgery. Your CDE should be lots of help!
Good Luck, and good luck with the surgery!

Absolutely. Best wishes to you and a restful recovery!

Go for it! My daughter has been on it about three weeks now and it’s much easier. If you’ve already been on another pump (I don’t know what MDI is!) you should have no problem. The hardest part for us was learning a new language - bolus/basal - could they name it things that at least sound different!

I started with my pod in mid-October. My shoulder surgery was 2 weeks later. I am SOOOOO glad I had it! You’ll catch on quickly and the doc’s will listen to you.

Go for it!

I would go for it…I have been on the Pod for about 7 weeks so far. Best decision I made. I went from 8.4 to 7.5 in one month so far.

I too had to fight my insurance company, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to get the monthly supplies covered. I appealled and WON!. Insulet rep did all the legwork in talking with the benefits people to convince them. Kudos to Insulet for their hard work.

3 weeks is enough time! Trust me… by the end of the first day, you’ll know it was a good decision. Within a week, I had forgotten what it was like to take shots. I’m sure you’ll love it, and may quite possibly make the surgery process go by smoother!


I agree with Dee and Alesha and the other posters that 3 weeks is more than enough time to fall in love with the OmniPod! My year 3 old has been on it since January, and we were only on MDI for 3 months after diagnosis (and before the Opod) and we fell into a groove within a couple days.

If we can do it with only 3 months background knowledge of Diabetes in general, I am confident you will pick it up with ease. Good luck, and let us know if you decide to start pumping, and how it goes. Also, best of luck with your knee replacement. Has that been a long time coming?

You’ll be amazed at how much better control you’ll have in 3 weeks.

Went on in June, in the 1st week my life was better by a long way…never go back to mdi. As far as my experience if you give good recent actual mdi bs/insulin/correction/exercise data to your cde to set up the pod, 1 week is enough.

Thanks for all the great help I am now wearing the omnipod (training Saline only) till Tuesday then it’s Go Live time. I think I will like it. As far as the insurance goes I think I am out of luck My c-peptide was 8.5 this last time and a A1C of 6.5. I am a Type 2 With a VERY insulin Resistance Body. I can’t take Metformin or Avandia so insulin is the only thing left but the insurance companies think MDI is the way to go. Thanks Again For your help.