To stress test or not?

I just got my test results back from my endo. A1C is down to 7.1, it was 7.7. Of course the A1C doesn’t actually say it all for me. When I was taking shots, I was around 6.5, but had a LOT of lows. My hubby would come home from work a few times a week to see me sprawled out. Since I’ve been on the pump, I have maybe 1 a month. (sprawled out lows where he has to help me). My cholesterol ,kidney function, and triglicerides are all good. Yesterday I went to my cardiologist. (I have cardiomyopathy) and I’ve been a little more short of breath, so, I did a treadmill stress test and that was inconclusive. My ekg showed there could be a problem?? (The ekg they were running while I was huffing and puffing) So she suggested I have the other kind of stress test. Mind you, I had a triple bypass 12-15-05, my cholesterols good my first ekg was good( you would think an ekg would show some sign of blockage, or my cholesterol would be worse cuz isn’t that what causes blockages?) My sugars were low at the time, so I didn’t ask the Dr. Anyways, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait till next year.