To suspend or not to suspend, that is the question

If you disconnect the pump, do you also suspend? I was told that I should disconnect and suspend by my CDE and pump trainer. I have read that some people do not suspend, but I do not understand the reasoning behind that. What do you do? If you do not suspend, what is your reasoning behind it?

Some people to not suspend because they forget to UN-suspend and could be off insulin potentially for a long time before they recognize their mistake. I only disconnect for no longer than one hour, and I do not suspend my pump.

My CDE told me don’t suspend I would try it out first and maybe set an alarm to remind me to unsuspend.

Suspend can cause large bubbles in the tubing so I tend to disconnect and set the basal to 0.05.

That’s a good thing Kimberly - lowering your basal rate - less waste of insulin. I also didn’t think about the air bubbles forming when/if you put your pump into suspend.
I have never put my pump into suspend - e.g. I take a shower or go for a swim - like Kimberly says - I just detach from the infusion set - and let Antonio my pump do his thing - but now I’ll lower the basal rate. Thanks Kimberly!!!

I never knew there were any issues with suspending the pump. I always do when I shower or disconnect for any reason with no issues so far. If I have it on suspend the pump beeps every so often until I press the button again. The few times I have forgotten to UN-suspend, the beep always reminded me in enough time.

I do not suspend. I think if you are anal about your insulin usage and want an accurate amount that might be a reason to suspend, but really for a quick bath or some other quick activity :wink: how much insulin are you getting anyway during that time. If I stay connected and do not want any insulin coming in because of extreme exercise, I use a temporary basal and put it on 00.00. Lately for some reason I do not need insulin in the p.m. so from 2-4 I have my basal set at 00.00

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the feedback. It makes sense to not suspend for all of the reasons given. I have actually stopped suspending for about a month now, but wasn’t really sure if I should be doing so or not. I have forgotten to unsuspend in the past and that is why I stopped. I guess the biggie one for me is the air bubble. I think I will continue to NOT suspend.

I don’t consider myself “anal” about my insulin dosage just because I happen to suspend my pump when I take it off. I think it’s just something I have gotten used to doing not realizing I should not “suspend” when I disconnect. If anything I have forgotten to reconnect my pump when I have taken it off and don’t suspend because I don’t hear the beep. Once I disconnected my pump and did NOT suspend, then could not find my pump afterwards and started freaking out because I could NOT hear the beep going off and couldn’t find it. I remember wishing I had it set up with “The Clapper” so I could clap and have it beep so I would know where it was!! :slight_smile: True story. So I think it’s a personal choice…suspending my pump works for me with no issues but obviously isn’t what others do. We are all different.

When I was on the pump, I suspended ALL the time. And I never forgot to un-suspend. I think that’s more because I refuse to allow myself to go high, so I was very careful to receive as much insulin as I could. But I suspended when I took it or when I was exercising or when I was low. Always worked fine for me, and I never noticed air bubbles. But it probably depends on your attitude; I was generally always aware when it was suspended, and obviously I would put it back on when I got out of the shower/pool or finished whatever else I needed to do that required me to remove pump. And I’d obsessively test while exercising to see if I needed to turn it back on (with reduce basal).

I suspend every time I take a shower, and prime afterward. However, I will admit that I don’t in the bedroom.

No time to suspend :slight_smile:

When I started pumping in 2001 , I was advised by my pump trainer to suspend , while I did my daily afternoon walks …but all that prior to having more or less OK basal rates . It did not take long , untill both of us realized , that it really did not work for me to suspend . I hardly suspend…have done it when training hard , just for less than one hour .

With the Cozmo, I suspended because there is a disconnect feature that calculates a small bolus to cover the basal and automatically reminds you to re-connect. With the Minimed, I do not suspend because I am afraid that I will forget to resume.

That has happened to me Kristin… Not Fun, Not fun After 2-3 hours of unacknowledged no delivery, and you are 350 + when you sit down to eat and are ravenous and then have to wait for the correction to take effect…Not fun. I do not suspend unless I have removed the pump to take a bath or a shower.

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